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May 9

On May 9th, our LDI class gathered at Arlington Echo for our final meeting. Together, we had the opportunity to reflect on what we learned and to look forward towards the LDI projects that would help us serve as future leaders within AACPS.

April: Exploring Environmental Factors, AACPS Facilities, & Sustainability

April 10

What a perfect morning to spend outside! This month we had the opportunity to spend the day exploring Arlington Echo. From the shoreline to the water, we walked through nature to better understand the beauty that this county has to offer and the work Arlington Echo does to help children and adults alike better understand how to preserve it.


First becuase of snow and then because of scheduling conflicts, February's session of LDI was canceled. In place of a blog post, I offer a poem, by William Carlos Williams, which captures a piece of the collective consciousness regarding this year's long-stretching winter:

Exploring AACPS Business & the Economy

March 7

So far this year, we have had a lot of discussions around the impact of AACPS in our community. These conversations have involved key players across the county—from politics to justice, economics to social work—and have frequently focused around ways that we as educators can make a change in our office, classroom, or school to make our community stronger. This week we had the chance to speak with representatives from the Business Community and better understand our relationship as a two way street.

Exploring the connections among AACPS, the student, and family support 

January 9 & 10

Throughout our time in LDI, we have been reminded again and again that we don’t know what we don’t know. Each person comes to LDI, the school system, and life in general with their own background, point of view, and individual set of experiences. While this unique perspective is powerful, it can be difficult to remember to step outside of this perspective and see where we stand in a much larger picture. This month we were asked to do just that and in the process, I was forced to consider how little I understand about the community that I live in. With help from the United Way of Central Maryland, we were given the opportunity to “Walk a Mile” in the shoes of a family living in poverty. For me, the result was the most powerful experience so far in LDI and, quite possibly, my time in AACPS.

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