Employee Giving Campaign

Thank you to everyone who made the 2016 Employee Give Campaign a success!

We received donations from 155 Central Office employees and their families, raising over $16,200 to support Student Enrichment & Leadership Opportunities, Students in Need, Employee Recognition & Development, Technology in the Classroom, and Family & Community Engagement (Harvest for the Hungry and Relay for Life).

We are proud to recognize our 2016 donors who contributed at the three highest levels:

Summa Cum Laude 
Magna Cum Laude 
Cum Laude

George Arlotto

Michael Borkoski

Kathy D. Lane

Carol Ann McCurdy

Maureen McMahon

Zipporah Miller

Christy Perdomo

Lisa A. Seaman-Crawford


Judith Kessen Crawford

Kathryn Kubic

Skip Lee

Sally McDonald-Egan

Kathleen Orndorff

Teresa Tudor

Kevin Wajek

Anthony Alston

Dot Arida

Angie Auth

Krishna Bappanad

Michele Batten

Maureen W. Beaupre

Deidre Brown

Kristina Chewning

Melissa Comella

Jessica S. Cuches

Tammy Diedrich

Eleni S. Dykstra

Jason A. Dykstra

Leathia Fletcher

Catherine S. Gillette

Steve Grey

Lauren Grey-Hawkins

Sandra M. Grzesik

Jennifer Halstead

Mia Harper

Shelia Hill

Wendell Holland

Amy Johnson


Betty Lee Kinney

Patrice L. Lambert

Michael S. McCafferty

David McClanahan

Amber McClanahan

Deborah Montgomery

Debby Navarro

Shelly L. Powell

Shannon Pugh

Raymond M. Rankin

Debra A. Ray

Patricia J. Saynuk

Kelsey Scanlon

Arda Shahverdian

Laura Smith

Cynthia Smith

Matthew Stanski

Aleksy Szachnowicz

Mary Tillar

Christopher Truffer

Ronald P. Welker

Marian Wright

Chuck Yocum



We would also like to recognize our 10 anonymous donors who each contributed between $100-$500. Many thanks to our 85 Honor Roll donors, as well, who each donated between $50-$99.


Thank you all for your generous donations!

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